Monday, December 3, 2007

It's our Anniversary!!!<3


How neat it is to say that!

We are probably just going to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant and a movie or something like that! I guessed my surprise gift from him! Well, it was the gift "idea" that i guessed! I have been asking for a really nice silk robe but he couldn't find one around here! We looked online, but I didn't find one... so we decided to go with the fence! We've been putting it off since we moved into the house over a year ago! And now we're finally going ahead with it! And honestly, that's better than a robe to me! Our dogs love going to my parent's house and running in their back yard! Granted, our yard isn't as big as their's is... it has to be better than sharing a lead lol!!

So I'll make the call in the next few days and pray that they can put it up soon!!
Now I just have to say that I have been so blessed to have Thomas in my life. To have him as my husband has truly been a miracle!

We only had a few months as husband and wife before the joy and hope of TTC turned into the pain and frustration of T-TTC. But he has been my rock through it all! I get so frustrated with him at times because i don't feel like he's trying as hard as I am. But just one look at him and I know that I want to keep going! That this is the right thing for me to be doing. Because he is going to be an amazing father!!! So here we go, one last shot before he's gone! Come here, our little 2008 baby!!

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