Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Online shopping fool!

Okay! So, on saturday I went online, to to order my OPKs for this cycle! Well after I entered my credit card information and hit submit a window came up that said the transaction could not be completed and to go back and fill out the information again! Well I'm a retard and did it 10 times! Each time it said go back, I did! Finally I gave up and figured i would come back and try later! Well, Thomas checked the account and there were 10 transactions in the "pending" area!! I freaked out lol! That's 150 OPKs and like $130 down the drain lol!! I e-mailed the company and asked them to cancel 9 of the orders and on monday I called the bank! The lady told me that they would probebly drop off the pending list by tuesday morning and shouldn't hit our account! Well, they haven't hit our account but they are still pending! I feel like such a tard:P But I'm praying that money won't come out of the account since it was our anniversary/fence money!! So we shall see!

So needless-to-say I won't have OPKs for this cycle! I was a little flustered about it at first but now I'm kind of at peace with it! I'm still charting, even though I totally suck at it lol. So hopefully that will clue me in a little on my time table! We have been BDing every other day consistantly! Yay for us:):) We don't usually stick to it this well! So I'm confident that we are doing everything we can do within our power! So that makes me happy! And if I don't get pregnant before he leaves, then at least I know that we will be able to go straight to the RE when he gets back!!!

side note-- Last night while we were BDing, I actually cried out to God! I know it sounds horrible! But we were going at it and all I could say was "oh God. oh God!" and in my head I was just thinking "Please God let this be it! Please let this be our month!" Thomas got all into it, thinking I was having a really good time! So I just kept the prayer to myself lol!! But I think it was a break through for me! I have always kind of thought my prayers to myself and dont usually say "dear God" or "Amen" or anything like that! So I'm going to start making my thoughts and desires into more formal prayers!

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