Monday, December 3, 2007

Amazing News!!

Ok, a few posts below, I talked about not wanting to get pregnant before my other T-TTC friends so that I would be the last one standing, the last one hurting, and never have to be "That girl that announced her pg while I'm still waiting" to any of my friends! Well it's official! There's one more couple to cross off my list!!

My senior year in high school our youth group got a new pastor! So right away him and his wife were more like friends to me than anything! After I graduated and while Thomas was gone, they always invited me out and were really great support for me during that time!! They have been TTC for something like 5 years (as far as I know) and recently turned to adoption after failed fertility treatments! 2 weeks ago, to the day, they got some bad news from their agency and were really down and thinking that this too wasn't going to work out for them! Well they were matched on wednesday! Their little girl, Abigail Lynn, will be here around the beginning of March!!! They are ecstatic! And so am I! Out of everyone I know that has been TTC, no one deserves a baby more than them!! I have wanted this for them for so long! And everytime I thought I might be pregnant, my heart hurt a little when the thought of telling them the news crossed my mind!

I don't think of this as one more person off my side of things and on to the other side, leaving me here alone! I know that this side of things blows! I would never pray for company!! So I'm just looking at this as a miracle. Obviously one for them! But one for me as well!! Now I can whole heartedly feel wonderful when I get pregnant!! I won't be able to hurt them! And that makes me feel amazing!!

Congrats Wade & Cherry!

I can't wait to meet little Abby:)

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parker5011 said...

you mean the wold to us heather, and thank you for the prayers! We know God has amazing wonderful things for know i am not one of those people who tell you "everything is gonna be ok"...but i will say tha God does have HIS plan, and we can do nothing bu sitback and be amazed at how he will work "all things"