Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, This is it! This is my BFP post:) The one I have dreamed about writing for a long time!

Like my last post mentioned, I had some cramping and some sharp jabs, so I was hopeful because I had never had the jabbing feeling before! I noticed that I was having to pee like every hour even with little to drink and the few days before I had a temperature of over 99 degrees (mid-afternoon, I gave up on charting lol). My boobs started to look very full and veiny and there was a dark ring starting around my nipple! I was still in denial... well denial isn't the best word. I knew these were all good signs, but I never imagined I was pregnant!! I guess after all the months of not being pregnant, it's a difficult thing to think of pregnancy as a reality! --I'll go into that more later!-- I had a left over First Response HPT from my last cycle. I tested (earlier than planned bc Thomas was convinced by the appearence of my boobs that it would be positive!) and I could see the faintest, tint of pink on it... but only in direct sunlight and at a certain angle lol!!

The next day we went to church and our pastor and deacons prayed over Thomas and myself since that would be his last time visiting the church before his deployment. I wished so badly that I could have added a prayer of thanksgiving and protection for and over our new little family but I couldn't be convinced by a faint tint of a line! So that afternoon I went out with my sister-in-law and bought 2 more First Response and 2 Walgreen's brand digital tests! I tired telling Kelly the whole way home not to get her hopes up! Thomas and I have faced countless negative hpts I was used to it, she wasn't! I pee'd in a cup and dipped the two (one of each kind) tests and sat them down on the floor while I proceeded to clean up and wash my hands. When I looked down I had a nice big beautiful PREGNANT starring up at me!!!

I was in complete shock! My hands shook for a few hours after wards!! My baby sister, Hunter, was the first to know... just as I had promised months and months ago!! There definitely was no romance to the way everyone else found out! My SIL heard Hunter's reaction and knew right away! Thomas and my dad were in the living room so I went in and told them I had a present for them and told Thomas to "pick a hand". When I gave him the HPT my dad thought it was a thermometer and was completely confused as to why I wanted to give them a thermometer as a present!! When Thomas explained to him that it meant that I was pregnant, He grabbed the stick--by the 'wet' end-- out of Thomas' hand and tried to read it even though he didn't have his glasses on! He called my mom and made me tell her, right there in the middle of Wal-Mart! She started bawling her eyes out and telling all the passers-by that she was going to be a grandma!!

We went over to Thomas' parent's house later that night and told his parents pretty much straight out! This will be the first grandchild for his dad (His step mom has 7) so He was very excited!! Linda, the step mom, told me that she bought the cribs for all her daughters and would buy ours! I was shocked. Not that she offered, but I was sooo far from thinking about cribs!

It has taken me a few days for it to sink in that I'm going to have a baby of my own soon! I have spent sooo much time on the T-TTC side of it and had been so invested in to that it was a very surreal feeling to know that it was over (for now at least) and that I had finally, just-like-that, passed over to the other side!!

So here I am... I am going to be a mom!!!

On Christmas we got to call all of our extended family to tell them and I posted the announcement on my MySpace and FaceBook pages!

We will be in Jacksonville until after the new year and my RE's nurse is off until the 2nd, so I won't be going in for a doctor's appointment until then! And we're hoping to get in for an u/s before Thomas deploys! I'm praying soo hard that there will be good beta numbers and a little (strong) heart beat on that screen!

I'm going to start a pregnancy blog so that my family and friends will be able to follow along. That explains the new "about me" section lol!! I wish there could be seperate ones for each blog, but no such luck!!


Fertilize Me said...

well Congrats to you! That is awesome news

Sunny said...

Wonderful news!

Ariella said...

Wonderful news! Congrats!

Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You can just hear the joy in the tone of your post. Happiest congratulations!

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The Pifer's said...

I just found you on stirup queens and this post has me in tears, I am so happy for you...congrats sweetie!